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Bask’s lawyers should be released from custody in accordance with international standards.


London, Düsseldorf, Farciennes 21 July 2014
The European Lawyers Associations AED and ELDH have received information
concerning several situations of grave concern in relation with the pressure and
persecution Basque lawyers are suffering.

First, we express our concern over the arrest and imprisonment of the three Basque
lawyers Jon Enparantza, Arantza Zulueta and Jose Campo, arrested six months ago
who still remain under preventive detention since then. The restrictive security measures
to which they are subjected involve a high degree of isolation.

The cases of Arantza Zulueta and Jon Enparantza cause particular concern. In the case
of Zulueta, she is suffering a situation of extreme isolation in the prison Puerto III, 980
km far away from the Basque Country, and living a lifestyle that is not compatible with
her rights1

. These conditions threaten her physical and mental integrity. She has not
been convicted and this is incompatible with the presumption of innocence. Jon
Enparantza is exactly under the same situation in the prison of Segovia, 410 km away
from Donostia, where he lives with his family.
Second, we express our concern concerning the information recently leaked to the
media, which could be considered to be part of an operation against a specific group of
lawyers. Without having any news other than that leaked to the media, we are led to
believe that the conditions described are not compatible with the exercise the right to a

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