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In France, lawyers are on strike for six weeks against the insecurity that they have been facing. They are not alone; we are in solidarity with our colleagues in their just and honorable struggle.

The attack that our colleagues are facing today is part of the attacks that we all have been facing through immiseration and insecuritization. In France, the government takes steps to bring in limitations to the rights of the lawyers to retirement. It aims to reduce the retirement pension and to make changes in the system of contributions in order to put the burden of retirement fund on the low-income lawyers. According to the existing regulations in France the deduction for retirement contribution is 14 percent regardless of the income level. The new draft proposes a cut of 28 percent for the retirement contribution from the lawyers whose income is below Euro 40.000/annum. This is absolutely the usurpation of the wages of low-income lawyers. Moreover, 3 percent cut is proposed for the minority haves whose income is beyond Euro 80.000/annum. More than half of the lawyers in France earn less than Euro 40.000/annum. Thus, the draft means further immiseration of thousands of low-income lawyers.

This state of affairs is not reserved to France; today we face with similar immiseration measures in almost every country. The existential impasse of capitalism continues to work through the usurpation of rights to the disadvantage of the have-nots. We are aware that Turkey is not an exception to this working. The policies that push for immiseration, disemployment and insecuritization hit the lawyers in Turkey, too, especially the emerging ones.

Our colleagues in France are struggling today not only for their own future. It is clear that their win will be the win of everyone who opts for resistance against the aggressive policy preferences.

We, as the Progressive Lawyers Association stand by our colleagues in France, for our future, for avoiding further losses!

Their struggle is our struggle.

Long Live International Solidarity!


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Progressive Lawyers Association

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