ÇHD Susmadı, Susmayacak!


Dear friend, Dear Client, Dear Colleague;

savunmaya_ozgurlukYou all know the Progressive Lawyers Association (ÇHD) by the struggles in which it has taken part for the legal profession, and for honour and justice since 1974.

The first session of the case filed against 22 members of our association 9 of whom are under arrest included Selçuk KOZAGAÇLI, our chairman, is going to be held on December 24th, 25th and 27th, 2013, in the hearing room of Silivri Detention Campus.

Ad. Selçuk Kozagaçli, Secretary General of PLA, Ad. Taylan Tanay, Head ofIstanbul branch, Ad. Güçlü Sevimli, Secretary of Istanbul branch, Ad. Günay Dag, executive of Istanbul branch, and Ad. Ebru Timtik, Ad. Barkin Timtik, Ad. Naciye Demir, Ad. Sükriye Erden, members of Istanbul branch along with Ad. Betül Vangölü Kozagaçli, executive of Ankara branch, who were arrested unlawfully and arbitrarily following the operation held on January 18th, 2013, are all still in prison.

In spite of all the efforts of black propaganda, we are aware of the fact that this prosecution is against the legal profession and especially our legal practice in criminal cases that are directed to all kinds of opposition in our country. We all know that ÇHD has been targeted for carrying out its legal practice for the good not only of the political, trade union and social opposition but also the poor, the oppressed and the people left desperate
before the state.

We are determined to express by all means and with the broadest participation that we are going to defend the legal profession and our colleagues.

Thus we expect your support for the petition we have just launched.

Thanks for your support and consideration.


Head Office, ÇHD.